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complete responsibility for the

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 crisis.Russia strongly condemned the violence on the 19th of Kiev. Russian presidential press secretary, said Peskov, Russian leaders believe that extremists to bear full and complete responsibility for the conflict, Russia saw a "coup attempt" in Ukrainian extremists actions. He also refuted the Russian attempt to interfere in Ukraine's internal affairs statement. The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement, called on the Ukrainian opposition immediately nike air max 95 baratas  resume dialogue with the legitimate government, saying Russia will use its full impact, so Ukraine to restore peace and tranquility.Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying 19, expressed the hope that all parties concerned with the Ukrainian national interests and national interests, eliminate differences through dialogue and consultation as soon as possible to restore normal social order. The international community should play a constructive role.Britain, France, Germany and other countries as well as EU leaders on the 19th senior officials have issued a statement condemning the bloodshed in Ukraine, saying the Ukrainian government should be held responsible. French President Hollande and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk urged the EU to take "targeted" sanctions against those responsible as soon as possible.EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Catherine Ashton said on the 19th, the same day on behalf of the EU member states in the EU emergency meeting in Brussels, research deal with the crisis in Ukraine "all possible options", including measures to sanction Ukraine. EU foreign ministers on the 20th will be devoted to this end an emergency meeting in Brussels.About the situation in Ukraine diplomacy activities underway, Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and British Prime Minister David Cameron and other politicians have for this position. But



 now no signs of easing the situation in Ukraine. (End) February 19 morning, Changsha Kaifu District People's Court, the 20-year-old Osamu stood in the doorway holding the indictment took Chang. "Give yourself Liugejinian because big thing to do today." Osamu object to sue the provincial Civil Affairs Department.Late last year, Osamu apply to the civil affairs department consulting organization established gay community, was told not registered. He then apply for government information disclosure in a way, asked the Home department shall reply instructions. Hunan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs to his argument is that "gay organizations have no legal basis", "and China's traditional culture and spiritual civilization contrary." It made him feel very unreasonable decision to initiate administrative proceedings.Currently, Kaifu District Court has accepted the case materials will reply within seven days if filed."Underground" gay organizations want to "righting"2009, Osamu with several friends set up a "network coordination mechanism with love." The establishment of the first year of December 24, he and a few friends wearing printed with "GAY (Gay)" T- nike air max thea hombre  shirt propped rainbow umbrella, Huang Xing Road Pedestrian Street detour in a week and passers Get festive greeting cards, Christmas gifts , collecting signatures to support gay, was less than 10 people participated in the activities.An event November 24, 2012, the team expanded to 21 people, in Changsha downtown streets into focus. The event Changsha public security organs to the record, and won the approval. May 17, 2013, Osamu again launch a "comrade anti-discrimination activities," more than 100 gay men to participate. But this event Osamu not apply to the public security organs, administrative detention on the 12th."We can say that in the past five years, we are running underground status, activities, inspection is not easy." Osamu 



said.December 2011, the registration of social organizations Changsha supervision and management measures implemented to provide business and economic classes, community service, social welfare and charity category four categories of social organization may apply to register directly, without "anchored." Osamu initiation of the organization "righting" the idea, "I think our organization is a public welfare, should be able to register directly."Can not be registered on the grounds that contrary to moralityThe second half of 2013, after the Third Plenary Session of eighteen, Osamu and his companions thinkSocial organizations spring came, decided to apply for registration. He wanted a good new name after registration.November 2013, Changsha City Bureau of Civil Affairs Osamu began to consult, "personally asked one person responsible management of civil society organizations, he said, temporarily can not be registered." He made contact with the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Civil Affairs of civil society organizations, resulting answer is still "temporarily can not be registered." He then filled out the "Hunan Provincial Department of Civil Affairs branch of government information disclosure form", questioning the reasons for gay organizations can not be established.November 26, 2013, Hunan Civil Affairs made a written reply, said that in accordance with the Marriage Act, "both men and wnike air presto 4 españa  omen must be completely voluntary marriage" requirement, marriage must be a man and a woman, that same-sex marriage relationship is not recognized. Therefore, the establishment of social organizations have no legal basis for homosexuality. Accordance with the "Regulations Registration of Social Organizations", social organizations must abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and policies, not against social morality, and homosexuality and traditional Chinese culture and spiritual civilization contrary, 

lieutenant governor and mayor

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president, governor, lieutenant governor and mayor, the law stipulates that the Government should provide residence can enjoy during his tenure, term of office expires should move out. German implementation of "official residence" system objects, mainly senior civil servants in office, including the Prime Minister, the federal  nike air presto camo comprars   government ministries. In addition to the leaders of the French government, but there is no uniform Minister's residence system, but the implementation of housing subsidies. Korea only president, prime minister, defense minister, foreign minister four positions have a special residence.While the scope of these countries varies, but all follow the "office occupancy, outgoing move" principle. In addition, more than most countries to ministerial officials generally implement the "official home" system, which provides housing subsidies to cancel after leaving office. The residence and official residence are state owned, or leased by the State, in accordance with the configuration of the internal facilities, the cost borne by the state. Residence of the system to achieve "water cadres iron room."China Youth Daily: How to determine the scope of the residence system Wang Yukai: to establish the scope of the official residence of the system is not necessarily linked only with the administrative level, mainly from national dignity, nature of work, work needs, help clean the four principles departure.Our study suggests that the scope should be limited to the residence system in four categories: First, the party and state leaders of the General Secretary and State President, Premier, NPC Standing Committee Chairman, CPPCC Chairman and other Politburo Standing Committee, the Supreme People's Court President of the Supreme People's Procuratorate; Second secretary of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, governors (chairmen of autonomous regions, mayors), Congress Chairman, CPPCC Chairman and President of the Court and Procuratorate; Third, the city and county (including county-level city) secretary levels, Mayor (county), 



Congress Chairman, CPPCC Chairman, President of the Court and Procuratorate; Fourth remote communication leadership positions, such as Ministers of the Organization of the Discipline Committee, Public Security Secretary and so on.China Youth Daily: In addition to these four officials, cadres and the rest of the housing problem will be how to solve Wang Yukai: The other party and state leaders can implement public house system. Mainly those that do not participate in the ministerial level above the housing reform, but do not belong to the party and state leaders to implement the residence system. State to provide them with the public house during his tenure, after leaving office moved. Specifically, in addition to including the Politburo Standing Committee of the Central Committee, Vice President, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, State Councilor, vice-chairman of the CPPCC National Committee.In determining the residence system and the implementation of a range of public house system, there are two essential principles: First, the elderly and old methods, new approaches. That is the new positions of leadership cadres implementation, as well as the former leader of the party and state leaders retired to a nike air max tn baratas    natural transition. The second is to establish leadership positions and the original docking mechanism between the new job. For example, the original leader who participated in the ministerial housing reform if promoted to national leaders, then can retain the original housing reform, while enjoying the residence provided by the State or a public house, after the end of the term should move out. Can be reserved on the basis of the current housing standards and ministerial leaders are on, and then give some compensation. Only two problems solved, this reform can really start.China Youth Daily: For remote office cadres, how to verify the 



implementation of its listing, oversight Wang Yukai: serving in a foreign exchange cadres, involving the highest ministerial level. In view of the following ministerial level leading cadres have participated in the housing reform, so in principle, stay in a foreign office official residence, regardless of whether they bring their families to the leaders of the original house should be preserved, but must live in the residence from the post office expires move out.In the process of implementation of the residence system, there should be some flexibility. For example, consider the future of the vast majority of places serving young leading cadres did not participate in the housing reform, so these people to the new office to be able to solve a variety of ways: First choose the country to provide a public house; Second, can the market Price to rent or buy a house, the State provides rent subsidies, not leadership positions after not continue to enjoy subsidies; Third, some retired officials are willing to return home, the state should develop incentives.Officials of the "bottom" figure, made it possible to establish the true sense of the residenceChina Youth Daily: Residence cleanup system should be based on whether the implementation of the existing cadre of housing  This part of the work of how to implement Wang Yukai: establish a strict monitoring system of housing, leading cadres must first comprehensive clean-up of existingnike air max tn 2014  housing. Especially for those who have housing situation in many office, communication, leadership cadres in Beijing, but should be carefully cleaned of much of the housing to the deadline repaying overdue addition to reclaim the market standard doubles to receive the rent, but in accordance with the cadre management authority and procedures, by discipline inspection and supervision departments dealt with severely.For existing housing cadres cleanup should be carried o

ollowing the public security

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entertainment through unified inventory operations.The anti-vice operation like a typhoon raging.In Dongguan, more than ten years, A red has "Miss" upgrade from the "Mummy", for the immediate "anti-vice" action and feel panic. Because you can not do "business", she gave her hands, "Miss", "holiday", to temporarily avoid revive. She learned that some colleagues have been transferred from the surrounding cities of Dongguan, continuing the same living."Thnike air presto camo españa  e anti-vice is more violent than before." Although I believe will soon be normal "work", but he gave counterparts at the news often ambiguous, A red unsure of this "holiday" will be long.Following the public security departments to concentrate on combating, Dongguan City Health Bureau from February 11 bathing places in the city are also operating units (including sauna, shower, bath, foot bath, spa bath, SPA recreation centers, etc.) to carry out special investigations. As of February 16 morning, the city's health system has been dispatched 2156 times law enforcement officers to check the sauna, foot bathing places and other operating units 778 times, dance halls, karaoke OK other cultural and entertainment 172 times, according to public places, health permits canceled 11 (of which 8 of the sauna premises), has closed a total of 190 operating units sauna.With respect to the support of traditional media, Dongguan, "anti-vice" at the beginning of the network, but there have been some cynicism. On Sina Weibo, a large number of "Dongguan hold", "Dongguan resurgence" forwarding comments, and "a candle on the hand," let users hindsight inexplicable: Are Dongguan an earthquake Network, telephone also ushered in "Dongguan style" fraud. "Dad, I was caught playing in Dongguan, speed remittance 5000 yuan to the bank card × officer × × ×, do not call the police, so I came out again, soon!" CCTV exposure unannounced visits Dongguan sexual services, this



 hot event liar provides new material. Qihoo 360 companies to the Xinhua News Agency said, one day only on February 10, with the "Dongguan" Trojan keyword blocking porn sites soared about 12%.Dongguan remain vigilant eye of the storm. At 9:50 on February 18, Dongguan Municipal Government official microblogging "Wando flowers open," announced the city's barangays (Street) 24 hours to report "Jurisprudence" telephone, landline phone number there.Guangdong elsewhere have begun anti-vice operation. Guangzhou, Huizhou cities mobilized 2000 police "anti-vice", and arrested 108 people overnight; Shantou and 140 entertainment establishments signed a "special behavior, Shantou City Public Order Management responsibility", the district, the county Sheriff's Department will also work with various entertainment districts , service establishments to sign "letters of responsibility."According to the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau informed that as of February 12 at noon, the province's public security organs inventory of all types of entertainment establishments 18 372 times, 3592 times in which dance, entertainment, sauna and massage nike air presto 4 2014   places 4201 times. 187 sites were investigated Jurisprudence, Jurisprudence and arrested 920 suspected illegal workers, Detention 121 people, 364 people in administrative detention, ordered to stop singing and dancing entertainment 38, sauna and massage places 156.Dongguan erotic services for a long time, has a mature industry chain, in the past have gone through many anti-vice operation. According to the "Southern Weekly" reported that in 2009, Dongguan City, there had been several large-scale anti-vice operation: In early 2003, because of Jurisprudence Zhangmutou entertainment events are triggered public outcry CCTV exposure, Dongguan City, the city's entertainment establishments were a massive inventory, a large number of pornographic sites were 



seized; while in 2000 before this, Dongguan City, also within the city launched a large-scale special clean-up campaigns to reduce the thousands of entertainment venues.When these reports available, massive "dawn One" action is in progress, when the government pledged to clean up the prostitution activity behind the scenes "umbrella." But after each anti-vice, Dongguan porn industry soon "in spring." Now a lot of porn industry professionals "will soon be able to go to work," the confidence from this.CCTV comments directed at the back of the porn industry "umbrella": If only the dereliction of duty of individual police officers, is not caused such massive consequences of rampant sexual services industry, can not let the whole Dongguan public security system adopted for acts of prostitution omission attitude. This is obviously the whole Dongguan public security systems have reached a consensus and understanding, it can be said the Dongguan government is taking this phenomenon eye, close one eye and even the existence of acquiescence attitude. If you do not get a higher level of default or allow it, the whole Dongguan public security system can not turn a blind eye to acts of prostitution taking attitude.Until deputy mayor of Dongguan City, Municipal Public Security Bureau Yanxiao Kang therefore be held accountable, removed, many professionals believe that "this is the real thing."nike air max thea españa  Dongguan "anti-vice" sacked top officials of the Guangdong Provincial Standing Committee that he "did not fulfill duties properly, resulting in repeated violations of Dongguan City, Jurisprudence, causing very bad influence at home and abroad." The action also dealt with a number of systems of public security personnel and local party committee members in accordance with the "Interim Provisions dereliction of duty and responsibility to work" "on hold leadership cadres in removing" pornography, gambling, drugs and so 


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